Just to See You Smile

Liz Waters has had a love for entertaining ever since she was a young girl doing Jim Carrey impressions in her parents' living room. Her passion began from the simple love of making those around her smile.

Liz began pursuing theatre after her sixth grade homeroom teacher gave her a flyer for an acting summer camp. From there she attended a performing arts Jr. High, later to graduate from Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas. After high school, she studied Theatre, Social Psychology and Italian at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY. 
Upon graduating, Liz returned to her home state of Texas to pursue a film career in Austin. Since arriving, she has appeared in several commercials and films such as Doonby, New Soul, and the horror comedy spoof Supernatural Activity. Most recently, she appeared in HBO's SXSWestworld Immersive Experience. She is also a company member of Sh!t-Faced Shakespeare, currently performing Romeo and Juliet. When Liz isn't performing she is a producer, editor, and camera operator for 3 or Less Productions.


She continues to perform Jim Carrey impressions in her living room.